Guard Services

Keep Watch Over Your Property in Temple and surrounding areas

Protect your site with armed or unarmed security services

Whether you're managing an office building or a construction site, you want to ensure that your property is safe and secure at all times. You can keep everything under control by setting up security services from Divergent Security Solutions, LLC. We can oversee:

Dispensary Security: A truly valuable business that requires security to deter risk of theft and liability.

Hotel Security: we are your professional and presentable security, watching over the safety of your hotel guests and staff. Customer Service knowledge is a must, as well as de-escalation techniques are core values to us.

Employee termination: We dramatically lower the chance of things going wrong for the company, existing staff and VIPs when an employee is terminated. Workplace violence and the lack of detection of any weapons on property, are all part of the high stakes dealt with when a disgruntled employee is terminated.

Commercial Security: We are ready and available 24/7 to guard your business and your assets, allowing you to know your staff and customers are safe.

Construction security: We are your eyes and ears when you're not on site to prevent trespassing, theft, vandalism and know construction is taking place in a secure manner.

Mobile Patrol Security: in the age of technology with everyone having cameras, the
presence of the security patrol vehicle and officer are still unmatched. The response time and prevention of theft, vandalism and trespassing are unmatched.

Event Security: our officers are experienced in large scale events, de-escalation techniques and are trained in situational response.

Bodyguards: we provide special monitored, trained, and experienced bodyguards who are either retired military or ex law enforcement. Why hire a bodyguard or executive protection officer? They are a highly skilled officer in preventing kidnapping, assaults and disasters for your business executive, actor, artist or government official in an everyday scenario that can go wrong without those extra eyes and ears

Private Investigations: whether it's a personal or business matter, we are here to get
to the bottom of the issue at hand and assist you in finding information or evidence.
We are Texas Investigators at an affordable means and your one truly locally owned, family-based business in Central Texas. This applies to cases involving Insurance claims, mystery shopper testing, covert photography and video surveillance, business or personal investigations

We offer both armed and unarmed security services, as well as on-foot and mobile patrols. Based out of Temple, TX and servicing all throughout the northeastern region of the state- give us a shout today.

Make Memories Without Any Complications

Hire us for both public and private security services throughout Killeen, TX

Everyone deserves to have a great time without fear of intrusion. Thankfully, you can hire Divergent Security Solutions, LLC for security services so you can just focus on enjoying the experience and making memories. We'll make sure that no uninvited guests make an appearance.

Book our security services for your event today.