About Us

Divergent Security Solutions Is Committed to Safety


We will provide protection and security to our clients through a tailor-made risk assessment for our clients' expectations. The safety and security of our client's staff, property, assets, and the surrounding public are our highest priority.


We provide high-quality security services to the state & federal level, as well as the commercial & private sector through the recruitment of stable mind officers, with not only extensive experience, but customer service oriented no matter the situation they are faced. We implement the use of advanced technology, with the orchestrated action of professionally supervised teams. We seek to establish an exemplary foundation for our clients through operational application of active and passive risk mitigation resources whose purpose is to deter threats.


The Divergent Security Solutions seal embodies our values. It expresses the strength of our commitment to our clients and the bravery and decisiveness of our people. The Shield represents the best of Divergent - a defender with a strong will to protect what its clients hold dear. Each of our officers takes great pride in being part of the Divergent family, playing an active role in our company's unique, inspirational success story within the community. Our integrity is the moral force that drives everything we do, every day, and with everyone we interact with. We secure and strengthen the trust that our clients place in us, to safeguard their people, assets, and business. We are vigilant in mitigating risk and enabling our clients to do business safely and securely throughout Texas. We earn our clients' respect with the excellence of our services and the absolute loyalty of our team.